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21/01/2018 - 8:17 PM

Hangout with Testers 17 – What is the importance of the English language for Brazilian testers ?

Qui, 10 de set, 21:00 – 22:30
Hangouts On Air – Transmissão gratuita

Let’s put our language skills to use and discuss how useful the English language really is for our Brazilian software testing area ! Since Brazil is not an English speaker country, we will explain how we learned this foreign language and why we keep refining our knowledge on it. Also, we will give some thought to the tough question: What would be better: a “senior” tester that doesn’t speak english or a “junior” one that does speaks ? Don’t miss the live broadcast on September 10th !

Anna Carolina Rocha  –
Eduardo Sauner –
Elias Nogueira –
Felipe Silva –
Gabriel Oliveira –
Walmyr Filho –

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Luiz Lohn
Mobile QA Engineer, trabalha há mais de 4 anos com qualidade e teste de software. Atualmente na SocialBase trabalha com automação e testes manuais de Aplicativos Móveis. Fundador do site QUATEST e coordenador do GUTS-SC

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